Complete Ice Fishing Solution

Complete Ice Fishing Solution



Johnson™ Min-O-Dart


Sebile® Vibrato®


Product Details

  • Perfect center of gravity gives the best control and action even in the lightest models
  • Slow flutter rate on the fall creates flash and disturbance which allows the angler to target pressure and suspended predators by allowing the Vibrato to drop while popping intermittently
  • Power jigging is effortless thanks to action that flutters on the fall and vibrates on the pull to mimic a wounded baitfish
  • Upper back wire extends from the front hook to the rear hook allowing for a strong tie point.
  • Now with enhanced cosmetics, improved hardware materials and a reinforced body for higher pull strength.

PowerBait® Ice Whipworm


Product Details

  • When moved aggressively the Whipworm has a high action undulating tail to attract fish
  • Less aggressive movement produces a subtle tail flick for finicky fish
  • Designed for a horizontal jigging presentation
  • Small enough for picky panfish yet large enough for perch and crappie 
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